Walkable neighborhoods with good sidewalks are the foundation of a complete transportation system.

Currently in Denver:

  • Many people with disabilities, older adults, and parents with children struggle to get around parts of Denver where the sidewalks are missing, too narrow, or in bad condition.
  • Low-income neighborhoods are the most likely to have unsafe, poorly-maintained sidewalks. 
  • Policies that force adjacent property owners to shoulder the full cost of sidewalk construction and repair can be a huge financial burden.

The Denver Deserves Sidewalks program would:

  • Remove the responsibility for repairs from adjacent property owners and place this responsibility on the City.
  • Fund the construction and repair of sidewalks citywide, through a modest annual fee charged to property owners, so that everyone can get around Denver more freely and safely. 
  • Enable the construction of a complete sidewalk network that serves every Denver neighborhood within 9 years.
  • Provide ongoing funding for sidewalk repairs.

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Paid for by the Denver Deserves Sidewalks Campaign Committee.